Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wow where did 2012 go?!?
I find myself asking that question more as each year passes, must be something to do with getting older! ;-) We rang in the New Year quietly with some good friends! Little Farmer didn't even make it to midnight, but there was nothing sweeter then rocking him to sleep as the clock struck midnight! For some reason I have been horrible about packing the camera to get togethers, so I have no New Years pictures, but I thought today I would take a look back at what 2012 held for me and my blog

First off I have had tons of fun blogging more and starting to get our farm facebook page going! Most of the traffic to my blog comes from facebook and just now as I logged in I noticed I have 600 all time views and 6 followers! What a great way to start the year, and Thanks for joining me, fun to know that people are actully reading and following along!

Top Posts for 2012
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One of the few personal stories I wrote this year, and it doesn't get more personal then this! Truly near and dear to my heart and so glad that so many have viewed this post to make it my number one!
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{Wordless Wednesday}
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All these posts were farm related, and it makes me so happy that people are reading about dairy farming! That is my whole goal, to share our story, and I am having so much fun with it! So Thank You, Thank You again for joining me and I look forward to bringing you more in 2013!!

2012 was a busy year, and I fee like I didn't get much of it here on the blog, so I hope you'll join me for a recap!
We rang in the New Year with a very active, mobile, but not yet walking little boy! 

  Had a snow adventure with some great friends!
Mason turned 9 months old!
We celebrated Grandpa's Birthday!

Mason went to his first rodeo, out of my tummy!
We got Marans cross chicks.
We got Welsummer and Cuckoo Marans chicks.
It snowed!!! And then melted before morning!
We confirmed that Marley and Mason are related!

It snowed again, enough to make a snowman! And play in a little bit, Mason was thrilled!
Mason learned to cheese the camera!
Mason is the best milkers helper and loved being in the parlor!
MASON STARTED WALKING!! Tuesday, March 27th he finally let go and took off while he was with Nana and Papa. He'd been taking a few steps and walking along things for almost 2 months, he finally took the leap that night! Ben and I missed it as we were finishing up milking, special moment for Nana and Papa!!
Ben celebrated his 26th Birthday!

Mason was walking everywhere and totally loving his independence!
We dyed eggs from our chickens for Easter.
Happy Easter!

Ben built Mason his first fort! They both had so much fun!
 Mason turned One and we celebrated pirate style because Arrgh was the first thing we got him to say! 

It was such a beautiful day, we had a picnic and lots of fun outside!

 Poor little guy was totally sick for his party! But he was a trooper!

We bought Angel! She joins her sister's Annie and Anna we had already purchased from Josi's in Tillamook. Sad to learn that Licky her Mama had passed and she would be our last daughter!
The Ladies were finally out on pasture after a wet spring!

Spring finally arrived with all it's beauty and we all enjoyed the warmer temperatures!
Happy Mother's Day!
Cows from Spencer's Guernsey Farm joined our herd.

We went to the Pet Parade!
The official dress code for morning play session; Boots and PJs! This boy couldn't wait to get out the door first thing in the morning!
June was completely overtaken with the preparation and then execution of the 2012 National Guernsey Convention. I enjoyed my duties as the tour director and promise I will write a post about this week soon!

Nothing says summer like berries and playing in the water!

 Happy 4th of July!

We finally finished making the last of our hay July 10th.
Mason learned how to drink from a hose!
The new chickens started laying!
We hiked Butte Creek Falls
We acquired a new puppy and named her Lilly.
We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary a week early with a night at the beach! Our first away since Mason was born!

We snuck another weekend away from the farm in with a camping trip to Mt. St. Helens in Washington!

We of course showed at fair again this year, honors included Reserve Junior Champion to Ben's heifer Judgement Juno and Reserve Sr. and Grand Champion for Challenge Marguerite. Mason had a blast, but was definitely work keeping track of him, his favorite animals to visit were the pigs!
A new baby girl was welcomed into the family, and Mason is thrilled to be a big cousin!

We finally managed a trip to the Zoo and my little animal lover was in heaven! It was so fun seeing his excitement with each new animal! What a perfect day!
The farm and family were featured in a local publication!
It was a very dry end of summer and beginning of Fall. But we did enjoy some goodies from the garden!

 Pumpkin Patch and carving time!
Happy Halloween!
As the weather turned wet, my chore helper became a puddle jumper....I don't think we've come back from the barn remotely clean and dry since!
Ben went elk hunting and their group managed to get one! Yeah for more meat in the freezer!
The new chickens quit laying, apparently we are going to need a light in the coop, I'm unimpressed!
Lilly and Mason are the best of friends! Great fun to watch their relationship evolve.
 We celebrated Thanksgiving with the whole family, Grandpa included!
Our first ET calf was born, a Aaron heifer from Grumpy Maranda! Exciting day on the farm!

 I finally let Ben convince me to get Mason's hair cut, luckily he was a very good boy, but I do miss his curls! 
We went to the Christmas Tree lighting in town, and didn't even get rained on!

We got our Christmas tree picked out, cut down, put up and decorated!
Brody and Lilly were missing the warm weather and sunshine!

Merry Christmas!
We ended the year with a New Years Eve heifer calf!

Thank You for joining me over the past year and I hope you'll continue to follow me throughout this new year!  No big plans here for 2013, and I am looking forward to that. Taking each new day as a blessing and enjoying the little things!

I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!!
Your Farmer's Daughter,

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