Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome Little Ones!

Two new heifer calves for Mistery and Admire. Mistery is the cow on the left and her calf is the top left baby. Admire is on the right and her baby is the bottom left.
Birth is an almost daily event here on the farm. Last week we welcomed two new baby girls. A 1G434 Golden J Les George heifer calf from Abiqua Acres Alstar Mistery. And a 7G405 Golden J Ronald Grumpy heifer calf from Abiqua Acres Mints Admire. These are the second calves and first daughters for both mama's and happy to report that everyone is doing great!

Even though it is a daily event, we still celebrate every birth. I especially look forward to what traits are obvious in the new little ones from their Mom's. Like the picture above shows, Admire's baby (bottom left) has the same markings on her face, just the opposite side. Funny how genetics picks certain things to carry on! 

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