Meet The Farmer's Daughter
I've always had a passion for reading and writing and I am having fun reawakening the later. It always shocks me how little the average person knows about dairy farming, but with most people several generations removed from any kind of farming it is not a surprise when I actually stop to think about it. Common everyday information to me, usually turns into first time information for someone else. So I am putting my hands to my keyboard and sharing my story about dairy farming.

I am a 3rd generation dairy farmer on Abiqua Acres in Oregon. Our 100 acre farm is home to one of the nation's few 100% registered Guernsey herds. We milk about 90 cows and raise all of our replacements on the farm. Just like most dairy farms we are family owned and operated and our work force consists of myself, husband and my parents, plus two micro manager little farmers who are the driving force behind my daily schedule!

So I hope you will follow along with me and learn more about dairy farming-the lifestyle I love!



  1. Merry Christmas! I am stopping in from Christmas in the Country...and what an emotional treat to read about the passion of dairy farming...it was my summers visiting a dairy farm that planted the seed for my future as a farm wife.

    1. Hello Amber! Somehow I missed this, but I am so glad you stopped by! Looking forward to the next Christmas in the Country, the last one was so much fun!