Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Focus

I will keep this short and sweet. Mostly because today has been one of those long days.
I feel that every Mom needs an outlet. Something to do that is only for her, for me I hope this blog can be that! Originally I had planned to focus mostly on dairy farming, but now that I am a Mommy there are so many areas of my life I am passionate about. I have always loved to write, sometimes it's the only way I can clear my head. Hopefully here I can reawaken that love and maybe interest a few other people at the same time.
So here goes..........Hope you join me!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ahh Perfect!

Ok in all reality no day, especially in a mother's life, is perfect. But today for me was pretty darn close. My little man is almost 6 months old and I am at that stage of parenthood in enjoying all the firsts with my firstborn. Today was the pumkin patch! While he's not big enough to pick out his own pumkin, I certainly was thrilled with introducing him to the concept. It brings a new awareness of life to think of things through our childs eyes, espeically at the first time for something. Add on top of that experience the fact that today was a gorgous fall day in Oregon. I don't mind fall, a few days of rain and then a break to recharge. Sometimes Oregon forgets to give us that break. But today more then made up for that sometimes forgetfulness, sunny and 78 is pretty much perfect weather in my book! My son also had his 6 month well baby check up today. (Yes as a dairy farmer you often group your outings all into one day! Getting away one day can be hard enough!) We have a completely healthy son, and I definitely don't take that for granted.
Such a great day makes me feel so blessed!