Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double French Toast

French toast definitely isn't anything new, but after a dinner with friends the other nights I found myself with half a loaf of French Bread. I was running low on bread and wasn't feeling like baking this day, so I thought I would try out French Toast on French Bread.....Double French Toast!

I just used left over french bread.
Grabbed some eggs from the fridge. In case you need incentive to raise your own chickens, the egg on the left is from our chickens. And the one on the right is store bought. Notice the huge difference in yolk color?!?
Whipped together the usual french toast ingredients. I've always done the ratio of one egg per bread slice, 1 tbs of milk per egg and then pretty much as much cinnamon and sugar as you want!
Bast it on your bread just like usual. I found that my two eggs did 6 slices of french bread since they are a little smaller in circumference.
Cook! I did find they cooked a little faster, and I ended up with my toast a little browner then I like. But that could just have something to do with a busy toddler running around! ;-)
Ta-Da Double French Toast! Now you know what to do with that left over french bread! Although that usually isn't a problem in this house, I think I could live off of bread! Enjoy!


  1. I haven't had french toast in a long time! This looks super yummy, I too have a knack for homemade items! Come check it out and follow along @ kelseyhomolka-keepingupwithkelsey.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelsey!! I didn't use to make french toast very often, but lately it has become our go to breakfast!