Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The First One...Why?

I live what some people consider a controversial lifestyle. Am I a drug or arms dealer? Smuggling people across borders? Engaging in other illegal activites? No, none of the above, I am a dairy farmer. Just doing what my family has been doing for three generations now. But due to the "wealth" of information available to the average person these days my kind has become a target for a very negative spotlight. Dairy farming in general has been targeted by animal rights groups that would love to see the world go vegan. I am not saying these groups don't have their place in some areas, I am a firm believer in animal welfare. But an incident that occured a few months ago made me want to take action. I am not even going to mention the groups name, or post a link, but I will give you the just of it. A video was posted on an animal rights group's website of dairy cow abuse. This video was shot over the course of a month with undercover recording. The abuse was horrific, I couldn't even get through the first five seconds of the video. All of it was inflicted by one employee, on one farm. This group proceeded to claim  "that violence and abuse to farmed animals – whether malicious or institutionalized – run rampant nationwide." Here's what irritates and really touched my nerve about this particular incident.
1. The horrible footage was captured over a timeline of over a month.
If you are truly an animal welfare group and there for the protection of these animals, why didn't you report this problem immediately and spare these animals from the abuse? It's just sickening to me to think that these groups are there for the animals, but are standing by and watching as these horrible things are happening just to get some good footage for a film they want to use to prove a point.
2. This was one employee on one farm.
Ok, so there was probably some employee management issues going on at this farm, but I bet every one of you can think of a bad employee out there. The truth is that not all people are good people. And not all people are cut out for the line of work they are in.I can garuntee you that any dairy farmer who caught an employee inflicting this kind of abuse on his animals would immediately fire the person, report them to authorites for animal abuse and make sure that they never worked in job where they would have contact with dairy cattle again. 
The fact that this group used this footage to protray a typical type of treatment of dairy animals frusterates me even more. So I am here on this blog to share my story of dairy farming. To connect people to a world that they have become so disconnected from . To share another side of the story, because not everything you find on the internet is true. On an end note the above is kind of dark and honestly horrific. To have my lifestyle put in the same catagory as illegal activities breaks my heart. Dairy farming is something I have chosen and Love and look forward to sharing it all with you. I am sure other topics will be thrown in along the way, and you can learn more about me and my life. But this incident was the fuel for my starting a blog and reaching out to the world through our cyber connectivity. (yes I am pretty sure that's a word) So enjoy, and hopefully at some point in time, someone will read this!
All the Best