Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebrating 60 Years part 3

Here is the 3rd installment of our farm's history from our 60 Year Celebration on our facebook page! Also make sure you have seen parts 1 & 2 to not miss out on anything!

#34 In 1979 Alan married his high school sweet heart Barbara!
# 35 From 1976 to 1981 Alan and Barbara aggressively approached Johnes disease within their herd . Working hard with the State of Oregon and culling cows that came back with a positive fecal culture. These aggressive measures in a Johnes eradication program along with vaccination means that the Mann’s essentially were successful, only losing one cow since 1981 to a positive Johnes test. While Johnes definitely sheds a negative light, the Mann’s are passionate about sharing their successful story for the possibility of helping others facing this serious problem.
On a lighter note this picture is of the cows out on pasture New Year's day of 1981! It was so dry this winter they were out for 19 days! We rotationally graze our herd for as many months out of the year as the Oregon weather will allow us, but it's usually too wet in January!
 #36 Paul and Delores welcomed "twin" grandchildren in 1981. A daughter from their youngest daughter and then 6 days later a son for Alan and Barbara! Delores always enjoyed calling these two her twins!
#37 Construction on our farm sign began May 29th 1982. This is still the sign that stands on our driveway today!
#38 Abiqua Acres welcomed 5 sets of twins in 1982! While twin births are not completely uncommon, this is the most sets we have ever had in a year!
#39 Grandma made a funny comment about needing a set of triplets after so many twins because there seemed to always be an extra Grandchild without a calf to feed. Well September 21, 1984 she got her wish when Abiqua Acres Spartons Alva had triplet bull calves! This was Alva's fourth calving after a single heifer and then 2 sets of twins, but we definitely weren't expecting triplets. This is the only set of triplets ever born on the farm.
#40 Abiqua Acres Spartons Alva isn't only remembered because of her sets of multiples, she was also the first cow in our herd to be scored EX-91 in 1985!
#41 Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! 10 years ago today can honestly do down in our history as the best calving date ever as we welcomed two heifers. Abiqua Acres Faros Speranza and Abiqua Acres Prestige Jesusita (pictured)! These two Ladies account for 281,428 lbs of milk and both have a very special place in our herd. I'll bring you more on these two, but now it's time to milk and these two need some extra special Happy Birthday scratches!
#42 Abiqua Acres breeding program has yielded 35 EX females since 1970. Six have been scored at EX-91 over the years and two are currently in the herd at EX-92 and looking back at #15 we have bred one EX-93. Dorie (bottom right) can count herself among these numbers as an EX-90
#43 One of these EX-92 point cows you just heard about in post #41. Abiqua Acres Prestige Jesusita, she packs personality with production and can honestly be named one of our favorite cows in the herd! In 7 lactations Jesusita has produced 147,117lbs of milk and holds the #3 Living Lifetime record in Oregon. Those seven lactations (starting 8 in April) in 10 years are the result of tremendous breeding efficiency that has also given us 3 daughters. Her first two calves and daughters are still in our herd and while not quite the caliber of Mama certainly are solid cows, her 3rd daughter will freshen in February and we are very excited about her with the way she is maturing!
#44 The second EX-92 point cow in our herd currently is Abiqua Acres Aarons Meara. If you've heard of our farm in the last few years, Meara probably rings a bell. Our show ring winner Meara is the three time undefeated Grand Champion of the Oregon State Fair. She was also the 2011 recipient of the Oregon Guernsey Breeders Association, Elmer Meadow’s memorial award that is presented to the animal with the highest energy corrected record in the state. Meara won with 22,241m, 1,039f, 718p for 25,898ecm.
#45 The last powerhouse lady in our herd that just celebrated her birthday as mentioned in #41 is Abiqua Acres Faros Speranza. Another efficiency Lady in 7 lactations Speranza has also surpassed the 100,000 mark producing 134,311lbs of milk. She comes from a long line of longevity producers and we are excited as her daughter Onward Sparrow has just passed 101,895lbs of milk. Speranza is the 6th and Sparrow makes the 7th generation to pass the 100,000lbs of milk milestone.

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