Thursday, October 10, 2013

Proof that house cleaning is Bad!

Most people Spring clean their homes......I Fall clean my home! Sad to admit, but it's just the lifestyle we live: from about June to September, we don't really live in our house. It's mainly a dumping ground for the 5 seconds your inside in between jobs outside. Ok we also shower, sleep and eat there on occassion, but really don't inhabit our house. Working sun up to sun down doesn't leave much time in the way of real house cleaning, so it's sits and waits until the waether turns and we are back to living in our house.

At this point I usually look around in horror, because you can't continue to ignore a 4 month mess that includes a mountain of laundry this time (our washer broke down) along with the usual 6" of dust from having the windows open and cobwebs in every corner!

Usually I begrudge the Fall cleaning and only really do it because at some point other people like to see us and that means inviting them into your home. Yep, I am a shame cleaner, I can get way more one in ten minutes before somebody shows up then I want to on a regular basis all week! But this year, I think it's pregnancy hormones and nesting kicking in, I really wanted to get it done and organize a little better!

So I went at it full force this week, seriously digging in and getting sh*t done! Pretty darn proud of myself, until I got sick last night! Apparently overdid and now I have a nice cold. Complete and total proof that house cleaning is bad!

So instead of putting off my blogging to clean my house, I will now dig in and get some posts done about awesome farmie stuff! 

Your welcome for the tip and warning! ;-)
~The Farmer's Daughter   

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