Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Two and a Half Year Old!

I know, I know I was promising some awesome farmie posts, but pregnancy hormones have been demanding nesting and reflection. I think every Mom has a little spell when they are getting ready for their second child that they really take a look at their first born. I will be honest that I am having a hard time not seeing him as my baby, but every day he amazes me with how big and grown up he really is! I think it is also hard for me to get my brain wrapped around two kids. How will I love another baby as much as my first, what will he be sacrificing with my attention on a newborn, how is there enough time for two kids! I know it's doable, and I know it will come naturally, just having a hard time getting my brain to wrap around the idea.

Also can't believe I have a 2 1/2 year old! Where does the time go! Seems like just yesterday he was born and trying out those lungs of his, something he still does on the daily! To say my Little Farmer has been a challenge would be an understatement, he still manages to test and push the limits every day. Two has definitely been a hard age for him and seems like this week especially he has really been struggling (I think we are going through another growth spurt!) It's times like these that really make me take a deep breath and try to remember all the things I love about my two year old as he screams "No Mommy!" for the hundredth time in the last minute!

Mommy fail; as I feel there are lots of memories I am kicking myself for not writing down or getting a picture of. So I thought I would start a list for every 6 months or so of what Mason is like in this moment!
True Mason Style: I take pictures and only get one out of 100 where he's somewhat looking and smiling!
  • Full blown boy! 
  • Is totally into his animals right now. He's always loved animals, but now he is all about them. He'd play with his animals all day if he could. Toy tigers, horses, farm animals are always his first go to.
  • Wears size 3T clothes! 
  • Eats more then me most days. Seriously I am worried about how much food he'll be able to consume when he's a teenager!
  • Says "I love you SO much!" and truly really means it. And says it in the best voice. Heart melt! 
  • Still LOVES fruit, especially Apples. Kid would eat 5 apples a day every day and not bat an eye! 
  • Calls me Mommy now instead of Mama. I think this change came with his stopping nursing-mamamilk-a couple of months ago. I will admit that I miss being called Mama, but kind of nice to not be identified as a food source. But I also dearly miss nursing him!
  • Wears size 10 shoes! He ridiculously went from a size 7/8 to 10 overnight, not even joking!
  • Still talks up a storm and can carry on a full blown conversation that is mostly understandable with anyone. Isn't shy in the least bit in that respect! 
  • Would watch movies and nature shows all day if I let him. But currently isn't stuck on one movie, thank goodness! 
  • Is convinced there is a baby girl in my belly and that he only wants a Sister! 
So incredibly blessed with my son. He's way more then I ever imagined a child to be, and way more then I ever imagined parenting to be. I know it might be a bit of a rough road with the new arrival on the way, but he also loves to helpful and I think will fill big brother shoes perfectly!  
Mommy Loves You Mason!


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