Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nesting, Nesting, Nesting

Well crazy to think I am only 8 weeks away from our second babe's due date! This pregnancy has flown by faster then the speed of light! And looking at our  calendar at the start of October I realized a large portion of those last two months will be taken up with Holiday festivities, so I made a push to try to get the ball rolling on some of the projects I wanted to get done before baby.

Number one on the list was moving Little Farmer to his own Big Boy Room! That meant clearing out our "Guest Room" and transforming it into a little boys paradise! I really wanted to get it right and have him start feeling like it was his own so he could have his own space and maybe not feel as displaced when baby arrives! It isn't finished yet, but his reaction has been amazing and totally heart warming to me. He wants to show everyone who comes into our home his new room! So cute and so grown up! And definitely making this Mama proud!

In another life I would love to be an interior designer, and even played in architecture for a while. So projects like this make me happy! My little guy is totally into animals from all around the world right now, so I decided on a global animal theme. The perfect orange color was already an accent wall, so I kept that and worked in some more boy colors of navy blue, green and brown. An Ikea run will furnish the rest of the room in bright white! Lots of fun decorating ideas flowing around in my head too, but for now the goal is to get it organized and finished!  

So here's a little look at what's been accomplished so far!

Finished painting. The one orange wall I carried over across the closet and door and make it flow a bit better. Feel like it invites into the room, without being completely overpowering, it's definitely bright orange!
I've always hated our closets I think I am going to forgo them all in all our rooms! They are always open anyways. His were the first to go and I thought it would be fun to do some stripes in his closet since it would be open. I used the same orange, and the other wall color in the room-beige and white. Math is not my thing, but I knew I needed to measure and map out a game plan on what I wanted.
Yes, I am a plan maker and visual, had to draw this out to even begin to figure it out!
Don't Laugh!
I ended up doing it a bit different then my original plan, mostly cause I hate taping! I used a laser level to assist in the line making. Definitely something you want if your attempting stripes! I used painters tape and saw a handy hint on Pinterest about sealing the edges with a light coat of Modpodge. I thought it definitely couldn't hurt and my track record with painters tape is not good, so I was definitely wanting help in that area!

A good helper dog is essential to every project!
I made my farmer take off the painters tape after two coats of each color of paint, I was too nervous to do it myself! It turned out great!! Not perfect and few spots should have touch ups, but I think I'll wait till we get our organization in to bother with that! I am really happy with how the stripes turned out!
We already had a Queen sized bed, so we just took the frame off and set the box and mattress on the floor. My idea is to create a toddler friendly space that can  also grow with him!
Found the perfect rug with all the right colors at Target on clearance, also scored a body pillow cover in the perfect green, also clearence! Brown, black out curtains, as this room faces east and gets lots of sun, really early. Navy blue sheets, after finding the brown and green I wanted I knew I wanted navy blue sheets, they were not an easy find! Haha. The yellow reading pillow we found at Target clearence, best $7.50 I think I've ever spent, he loves that pillow and immediately wanted it in his new room.(Notice a trend, I frequent the Target clearance sections!) It mostly stays on the floor with the other throw pillows, left over from the guest room, as a reading area.
His Auntie made him this adorable quilt for his first birthday, while the animals are more cartoony then I want to go with the whole theme of his big boy room, the colors and idea tie in perfectly!

So excited about how it's coming together. And totally melts my heart to see his excitement over it as well!
Now to finish the rest of the plans!! :-)

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