Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mid-Week Meal

I struggle on a daily basis to get a decent meal on the dinner table! One of my organizational downfalls, and seems like I am just out of energy and ideas by the time I get in from the barn. The cows come first and all their needs are met before anyone else's! On those days I have a few fall back recipes that are easy to fix and delicious. And when I actually do remember to fix something before leaving for the barn, I utilize my crock pot to the fullest! One of my favorite appliances, nothing like having dinner ready and waiting when you get in from milking, or whatever your mid-week craziness might hold for you. So here's my crock pot adaptation of this recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can diced green chillies
1 can chicken broth
1 can refried beans
1 can black beans
1 cup frozen corn
1/2 onion diced
Cooked Shredded Chicken (I love to make extra meat when I am doing a main entree. This is a great recipe for using those leftovers. Use as much chicken as you want)
Spices: Mexican oregano, cumin, paprika, chilli pepper (I used a pinch of each of these, I like spices!)

Just make sure your chicken is cooked before and add everything to your crock pot. Mix well, the refried beans take a little mixing together. I usually do it on low heat, but I am sure high would work as well. The longer you let it cook, the more the flavors will soak in!  I've also done this in a soup pan on the stove top in a pinch, really is a quick fix.

Oh and it's great served with grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Makes sure to thank a dairy farmer for those products! And also tortilla strips or crumbled tortilla chips, great use for the crumbs at the bottom of the bag!


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