Thursday, November 29, 2012

For Family

Did you know that 99% of dairy farms in the U.S. are family owned? That is certainly a tradition that rings true on our farm as we are 100% family owned and operated. So that means our work force consists of the 4 of us and a very driving micro manager who calls most of the shots on our daily deeds. Some times it is a hard balancing act, there are definitely days when I wish my boss/partner wasn't family. And wishing that the work could just stay at the barn and not follow me home. But I wouldn't have it any other way, they say the family that works together stays together and I truly believe that. It's a much deeper respect and understanding I have for my parents and husband as I work by them everyday. It is a togetherness that strengthens us all through the good times and even more through the hard times.
And I consider myself lucky and blessed to be a part of the tradition of family farms. It's a very special breed of people who choose to live this life. The more I look at others lives in this industry the more I am affirmed that it all comes back to the same roots of family.
So today and everyday I am Thankful for Family!

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