Thursday, November 15, 2012

For all the Helping Hands

Dairy farming is a 24/7, 365 days a year job! Our family works hard around the clock to provide the best possible product we can. But we don't go it alone, here are just a few of the many people involved and I am Thankful for all of them!

Our Veterinary: Doc is pretty much a part of the family, as we have had the same vet for my entire lifetime. He still laughs and remembers his first call to our farm when he was fresh out of school and Grandpa was here. He's here once a month for a herd check-up and always on call for emergencies. A vital lifeline in any dairy operation is a good vet, just like your family doctor we take our Ladies health very seriously!

Our Hay Grower: We have an amazing family that we work with in Eastern Oregon that grows all our alfalfa hay. We don't do any actual farming ourselves, except for grass hay for our heifers and calves we bale ourselves, all other feed is bought and brought onto our farm. We have such a great partnership and are so blessed to have a direct source for the best food for our Ladies!

Our Nutritionist: Helping make those decisions about the best food is our Nutritionist. There are so many choices in the world of dairy food, and so many prices and other obstacles to running a successful feeding program. We'd be lost navigating all of that without our nutritionist.

Our Milk Haulers and Plant Workers: We work 365 days a year because the cows are always making milk. So the other end of that is having someplace for that milk to go. The milk truck is here every other day and it doesn't get here on it's own, that requires a truck driver. So even Christmas and Thanksgiving those guys are working hard to make sure the freshest product gets to the plant to be processed. And at the plant there are lots of hard workers making delicious products with our milk!

Our Farm Community: Last but definitely not least the farming community. This is a hard one to put into words, but we all look out for each other in the farm community. In times of trouble or trial there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand. It's a spirit of togetherness that comes with no expectations, simply the knowledge that you will also be there when they need your help. And in times of triumph we are all celebrating together, there is a shared success in each others accomplishments!

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