Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is Here!

Spring is here in all it's glory! This is one of my favorite times of the year, as the land begins to awaken from it's winter sleep. I am so blessed here in Oregon to get to experience Spring in all it's splendor. And the word the Spring in Oregon is alive!
Babies are being born, and arrive in their fluffy, wooly, amazing cuteness! We calve year around so we don't have a calving season like many other livestock, but the new arrivals aren't lost on me. I love taking a drive in the Spring, down back roads, past pasture filled with new spindly legged life! Nothing says Spring to me like all the new little ones!
Flowers, trees and bushes bud and come to life. An explosion of color spreads across the landscape, in hues that are breathtaking at times. The grass grows like a fever in rolling waves of green, so much green, the colors of Spring in Oregon are green. Alive in so many vibrant tones, I love to see that green. The green that will nourish our animals, no better feeling then the cows out enjoying the sea of green pasture.
Spring.......yes, I love Spring! The sunshine feels warmer, those closer rays that promise renewed energy and a break from the biting cold. A time to look forward, breath deeply of the fresh air and just enjoy. Yes Spring is here, and I am so glad! 

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