Sunday, March 3, 2013

March's Cow of the Month

Miss March 2013

Abiqua Acres Yogibear Briar has been bestowed the honor of Miss March (And February, I know I am behind, so she's got two months worth of honor!) but she could honestly take the title of Rookie of the Year without batting an eye. 
   We often times get inquires from people interested in buying a young heifer and everytime I turn them down explaing that we keep all of our young stock to freshen them out. Briar is a perfect example of why: we never know who that next best cow might be. That is part of the fun in raising your own replacements, especially when you get one that really surprises you. 

Briar has definitely been a surprise! Her Mama Abiqua Acres Aaron Bindi was a complete flop. No matter how perfect you think you have a mating, sometimes the resulting cow just doesn't turn out. You always hope the next generation will be an improvement, but genetics always go to show us there are surprises waiting. I don't remember Bindi's exact story, but she didn't even finish her first lactation. But she did give us a heifer calf, one we weren't really putting any stock in after Bindi's performance. 

I remember Briar as a calf, because of her long ear hair. She has the cutest long hairs in her ears since the day she was born.She calved in November and has some into the herd with a fire! Some cows just have a will to milk, it's a desire that can't be measured until they start milking. Right now after 4 tests she is averaging 55 pounds of milk at 4.1 fat. She is projected at 15,774 and while this isn't the most milk ever, she has got our attention. Some just really surprise you with their vigor and attitude. Briar is always curious and a definite go getter. She is working her way to the top of the herd, being one of the early ones into the parlor.

Briar is full of spirit that shines through her little frame. And while she might be short on stature, she has a knockout udder. She was just classified VG-85 with an EX-90ms! And she deserves it! I have high hopes for this little girl, she definitely has me excited! She is the perfect example of why we are more then alright with little cows!  Looking forward to what the future holds for Briar.

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