Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas in the Country Reveal!

Merry Christmas.........Happy New Year..........Oh wait it's the end of the middle of this will just be a tradition that my Christmas in the Country post is late! This year I didn't have the excuse of having a baby, but I was busy the first half of January getting ready for my littler farmer's first birthday. Yes excuses, excuses! But don't let that diminish my enthusiasm for probably my favorite blog activity of the year again: Christmas in the Country 2014!

This year I sent a taste of my hometown to the lovely Katy of Little House on the Horizon. My gift  was packed full of my favorite things made right here, coffee and everyone's favorite chocolates form our local chocolate shoppe. I also including some homemade jam,. *Note to self for next year, pick lighter items to ship! Hehe, but I truly had so much fun putting Katy's gift together, and even though I haven't heard from her I am hoping she enjoyed and had a wonderful first Christmas in their new home!!

  I was so excited when my package slip arrived on the 23rd, I knew it must be my exchange gift! I couldn't wait till Christmas so I opened it early and found an awesomely packed box of goodness from Danielle of High Heels and Shotgun Shells. She did an awesome job of  "stalking" me to put together a meaningful gift.
First out was a box of Christmas cookies, that I didn't waste any time breaking into! I even shared some with my boys, they loved the ones filled with M&M's and pretzels! I throughly enjoyed a chocolate cookie with my coffee, great combo! We finished them off Christmas morning as we were opening presents.
 Next I spied something lacey! Danielle was SO thoughtful to throw in something girly for me, cause she's right, I am overrun with boys around here! An awesome pair of boot socks!
The rest of the box was filled with awesome pieces from Danielle's new home state Kentucky. BBQ sauces that I can't wait to try out, thinking it will go great on pulled pork sliders! Salsa......mmm Salsa! I kind of have a thing for good Salsa, don't think I've ever admitted that, but chips and Salsa are definitely up there with my favorite snacks. This one did not dissapoint, sweeet, spicy and all around awesome! It was a perfect snack after a long night just the other day. Of course some Kentucky Bluegrass seed, which will some in handy, I have a strip in our yard that is still resisting regrowing after two summers ago pipe work. And lastly, but definitely not least Danielle caught onto the idea that I kind of collect ornaments from trips around the States. So now I have a Kentucky one to proudly hang on my tree!
Didn't waste any time on getting it put on our tree and it looks pretty awesome if you ask me! Enjoying my little piece of Kentcuky that will get to join us every Christmas!

Danielle rocked my present! And I've been having so much fun following along with her on all her channels. She's fun and has great style, go check her out!

I really enjoyed participating again this year in Christmas in the Country! A huge shout out to our hosts who help make this happen! I am still friends with my gift giver from last year Jenny from The Magic Farmhouse and I think it's an awesome way to connect and make like minded friends from across the country! Looking forward to Christmas in the Country 2015!!


  1. Thanks again for participating and sharing friend!! You got a really great gift! Although next year I might have to steal your name back again so I can get some more of those chocolates ;)

    1. Maybe you'll just have to come visit and we can have that wine and go to the chocolate shoppe! :-)

  2. Thank you for posting about Christmas in the Country! Where did January go? It was not supposed to be a busy one for me, but 2015 really started with a bang. Danielle is one of my very favorite bloggers/friends/photographers. It was so fun meeting her in person at AgChat.

    Have a wonderful 2015!

    1. January really did just disappear!! Thank you for helping to host! What wonderful connections we have throughout!