Monday, May 13, 2013

Up Yours!

Ugh I am behind on posts! This time of year takes a total toll on me, and it totally frusterates me! I have horrible grass allergies, and well I live on a farm where we grow our grass out for hay. Tall heading out grass = grass pollen = my worst nightmare.

So from about the end of April till the end of June, I am miserable. Running nose, sneezing, watery eyes - miserable. Like tied to a Kleenex box as my best friend.  And believe me I've tried every possible combination of drugs and natural remedies, none of them seem to really do the trick. Except Benadryl, which works wonders! Wonderfully knocking me on my ass and then I'm not functional at all for the next 24 hours and spend the next day feeling like I got run over by a truck.

I really feel like I kind of got ripped off, farm kids are supposed to have better immunities and fewer allergies. Well not the case here! I will say it gets me out of hay work, but that also means it usually lands me in the parlor, milking. And on hot hay making days, I would much rather be out in the field making hay, then milking! 

I think next year I might have to finally invest into allergy shots. I've heard good things about them and it's definitely time to take the next step. Being non-functional for 3 months really isn't an option.

So screw you allergies! Your time destroying my body is limited!

Oh beautiful acres of tall waving grass........F*$# You!!

(Sorry for the language, really how they make me feel!)


  1. Ha! Not laughing at you, I just love how you express yourself and oh I can relate! I suffer in the fall.

    1. Ah a fellow sufferer, welcome Sarah! ;-) What gets you in the fall?