Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrating a Birth Day

Where did April go? I'm staring May in the face and truly wonder where the days go! But April for my little family is full of birthdays, no really all our birthdays are in April, so I think that helps to quicken the pace of the days! But as I celebrated my birthday just yesterday and my son's a week ago, I realized we are doing Birthdays all wrong. Yes you were born, good for you, but who brought you into this world? 

So Excuse me while I take a minute to be selfish and rant about my awesomeness! But it's not just me who should be doing this, I think every mother out there deserves to take a few minutes on their child's birthday to bask in the glory of their creation.

In an incredible blessing and miracle of life, I created a child; from me, for 9 months, I grew a human being! That's pretty amazing if you ask me!  Then in a somewhat difficult and trying experience I brought that child into the world and he was born. Now every year we celebrate his birthday!

But it's also a birth day for the Mother, the day you became a Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama. And whether it was the first, fourth or twelfth time, every Mother deserves a little recognition on that special day. So next time on your Birthday take a real minute to say Thank You to the woman who brought you into this world, she really will appreciate it!  

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