Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am not a very new technology savy person. In fact even getting this blog up and running was a feat in it's self. (Bear with me if you notice some things are kind of a muck!) With that being said I don't really dial into much text lingo, the shortening of words. I mean really, you don't have the time to write out words, where has personal connection gone! But there is one abbreviation that I have homed into lately: FML. Also known as F@#! My Life, appears almost weekly in facebook status updates. I am really curious what could possibly be so bad for that expression to be necessary? I feel status updates have become the whining ground for everyone's "disastrous" problems.
Since November is host to Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays and the one I feel is the most important and most overlooked, I challenged my facebook friends to post something they are Thankful for each day. Maybe that can get the FMLs off and some more positive unselfish thoughts going. If you have access to facebook I am guessing compared to many parts of the world you are pretty well off. The other day in messing around during my cyber time I ran across The Water Project (, also please watch this youtube video below, it is really worth the 9 minutes!) It's something I don't think we as Americans take any time to think about; the fact that 1 in 8 people around the world don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. That is an astounding number to me and I had definitely, before learning this, completely taken it for granted that I could just turn on my faucet and have clean water that was acceptable to drink. Even indoor plumbing, I can't imagine spending hours every day traveling to get water. And not even safe water!
To me water is the bringer and sustainer of life. I can't even imagine not having access to water. This makes even everyone else's smallest problems seem so minuscule in comparison. So today, I am Thankful for water. And the next time you take a drink or turn on your faucet think of what an incredible blessing that truly is!


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